a truly a la carte space

Pallet23 is a truly a la carte space. It is a blank "palette" for you to create & build your event (*). Each event and each client is unique so the rates listed below are ballpark/average estimates.
Final rental rates will be determined by number of guests, day of the week, time of day, length of event (including arrival to departure), number of consecutive days rented, etc.  Simpler events = less money, more complicated (outside vendors, elaborate decorations & set up) = more due to more time required at the space.

~ Pallet23 will not require you to use contracted caterers (**) and does not carry a liquor license so you have better control over your costs.

~ Rates are based on half day (up to 5 hours ~ arrival to departure), full day (up to 10 hours arrival to departure) & evenings after 5p- 11p (minimum 3 hours rental).

~ Rental hours beyond 11:00p departure are an additional fee.

~ National Holiday rates are equivalent to weekend night rental rates.

Here is where you can see what is included in the rental & A La Carte rental items



Up to 40 guests:

Corporate Events, Parties, and Fundraisers


~ Weekday daytime rental (up to 6p) $500/half day, $1000/full day (hourly rate can be applied after 5 hours). Please inquire for weekly rental rate.
~ Weekend daytime rental (up to 5p) - $600/half day, $1200/full day
~ Weeknight rental (after 5p & up up 11p ~ minimum 3 hours) - $150/hour
~ Fri., Sat., Sun. night rental (after 5p - 11p)- $250/hour ~ minimum 4
*These rates are the average/typical rates ~ please email details of your event to get final pricing or if you have any questions.

40-80 guests:

Offsite Meetings and Brainstorming
~ Daytime rental up until 5p - $700/half day, $1400/full day
~ Weekend daytime rental (up to 5p) - $800/half day, $1600/full day (hourly rate after 5 hours can be applied)
~ Weeknight rental after 5p (up until 11p)- $300/hour ~ minimum 3
~ Fri., Sat., Sun. night rental - $350/hour ~ minimum 4

Events larger than 80 people will average an additional $20 pp depending on event details.


Photo and Video Studio and Casting Calls

Pallet23 is happy to help you plan your event & arrange for additional services/vendors at a $50/hour rate if you chose to not handle on your own. For weekday creative off sites or meetings, Pallet23 can handle all your food/drinks/catering/supply requests for an additional fee.

Please click on contact page & send details for your rate quote.

Depending on availability, Pallet23's smaller Annex Space can be rented as a supplement to the main space at $25/hour (daytime) or $50/hour (evening). The space has been used for talent holding area, client meeting space, marketing panel check in, equipment staging area, bridal party hang out space, etc.



*To keep costs lower than most rental spaces, clients are asked to "leave it as you found it" (see Clean Up Check List). If any furniture, items were rearranged for your event, please return them to their original location. If you prefer not to handle that, no problem ~ a clean up fee will will be added to your rental agreement.

**Pallet23 allows this flexibility but your caterers (or you, your guests if handling own food/potluck) must meet certain criteria & read the conditions for the space (please read Caterer/Food Guide). They are expected to pop in & pop out (food prepped off site, dishwashing back at their facilities) & leave the space as it was found.  The typical Pallet23 client recycles & doesn't generate large amounts of waste ~ there is no dumpster here. Excessive use of disposables, food waste, garbage needs to be transported back to their facilities. If caterer is just dropping off the order, client is responsible for that clean up. If you would like cooking & dishwashing to happen at Pallet23 for your event, that can be arranged for a fee to cover costs& time involved.