Frequently Asked Questions

Before I begin the FAQs ~ Pallet23 is a unique, flexible space that allows you to handle your event however you choose (within reason) & does not take cuts from preferred vendors. With that flexibility, Pallet23 expects its clients to leave the space as it was found ~ put items back where they came from & tidy up after themselves (see clean up check list). If you prefer, Pallet23 can handle the clean up for an additional fee.

Q: What is the significance of the name Pallet23?

A: Pallet = reference the warehouse (also it is a blank "palette") & 23 = Northside pride/zip code 45223.


Q: What is the rental fee and other charges associated with renting the facility?

A: See rate page for more info about costs then visit contact page, answer the question to determine cost for your event.

Q: Do you require a deposit? What about a security deposit?

A: Yes. Upon booking 50% (non refundable but transferable if your date shifts) of your rental is required to reserve your date with the balance due 14 days prior to the event. A $500 security deposit is also required with balance for social events.

Q: Do you take credit cards? If I pay by check to money order, who do I make it payable to & where do I mail it?

A: Pallet23 prefers checks or money orders but can accept credit cards for your rental but a 3% transaction fee will be added to the total rental fee (a Square electronic invoice will be emailed). Checks or money orders can be made payable to Pallet23 & either mailed to the Spring Grove address or dropped off in the mailbox.

Q: How much set up and tear down time do you allow?

A: . Pallet23 simply rents space so the more elaborate & time consuming your load in/set up & load out is, the more the rental will be. Each event is unique! We can discuss discounted hourly rates to make a it work for your budget.

Q: Can I drop materials, event food/drink/decorations the day before the event? Can I leave those items for pick up the following day?

A: Not typically*. You should plan on loading in & loading out just before and after event. (*If the space is not rented, may be able to be arranged but might be an additional fee for someone's time to meet you. This can not be determined until the week before the event due the possibility of other rentals).

Q: What is included in the rental fee? What items do you have available for a separate rental?

A: Please see Items included in rental & A La Carte rental items. For multiple day meetings & shoots, typically any a la carte item rental fees are waived. 

Q: Do you have an event planner on staff? Does the rental fee include onsite staff?

A: No. 99% of Pallet23's events are simple, low maintenance type events. The rental fee includes someone who will meet you upon arrival, get you situated, and make sure you have everything you need. Once you are set, that person will be out of sight (in the office or nearby) but available to you if any needs arise during your event. 15 minutes before your departure time, he/she will return to do a walk through & lock up at the end of the event. Pallet23 has security cameras that are linked to the representative's smart phone so the event can be monitored when he/she is off site.

If you would like to have someone on site during your event, manage the food/drinks or host your event, that can be arranged for a separate fee. We offer a range of services depending on your expectations & needs.

Q: What is the parking situation?

A: Please see location page.

Q: Can we use a caterer of our choice or bring our own food?

A: Yes. Pallet23 allows this flexibility but your caterer or host needs to read & understand the  Caterer/Food Guide.

Q: Do you have any recommendations of caterers that you like to use?

A: Yes. I am happy send you some information to great caterers that I personally use. I would need to understand what type food/vision you have & your budget to connect you to the proper options.

Q: Is alcohol purchased through the facility? Can we bring our own & set up a bar?

A: No, Pallet23 does not have a liquor license. You may BYO/set up a bar as long as you are not selling alcohol  (it can be part of the event's ticket price). You can also hire a bartending service or hire a caterer with a license serve alcohol at you event. 

Q: Can I sell alcohol at my event?

A: If you plan on selling alcohol 1) you must be a non profit and 2) you would need to apply & secure a temporary F2 license at least 30 days in advance - www.com.ohio.gov/liqr

Q: What are your business hours?

A: Pallet23 does not have regular business hours & due to the possibility of the space being rented at any time, it is shown by appointment only.

Q: Would it be possible to tour the building before reaching a decision?

A: Yes. First please look at the pictures/virtual tour of the space, read the FAQ & rate pages and fill out the contact page. We'll set up a time & I will have a better understanding of your  needs. 

Q: Can I rent your kitchen for my catering company or small food business?

A: No, the kitchen is unlicensed & is set up like a residential kitchen. 

Q: Are animals allowed?

A: No, no animals are allowed unless for a professional commercial shoot, still photo shoot, service animal or special circumstances. 

Q: What about smoking?

A: Pallet23 is a non smoking (including vaping) establishment (exceptions can be discussed if part of a video/photo shoot or performance). If you have smokers in your group, let me know! I will have an ashtray in the back area for them to use (if guests prefer the front, please stay on Pallet23's sidewalk (or buy a drink & sit at The Littlefield's patio).

Q: Is the front courtyard part of Pallet23?

A: No, that is part of the bar in front. Unless purchasing drinks or food from them, Pallet23 guests are not to be beyond the chain or walkway to Pallet23.

Q: Is there an outside area?

A:  The back area of Pallet23 can be used as an extension of your event if weather permits & your guests may go in & out of black regular door. If you would like to open up the large garage door during your even, that is fine but the HVAC system would need to be turned off  (I have 2 huge fans we can bring out if need be).

Q: Are there any stairs and/or are you wheelchair friendly?

A: No stairs & wheelchair friendly!

Q: If I need to load in equipment/tables/chairs/catering, is there a load in area?

A: Yes, there is a large garage door and a back door that is accessible behind The Cincinnati Health Department parking lot located at 3845 William Dooley Way.

Q: What makes Pallet23 shoot/production friendly? Is the space soundproof for shoots with dialogue?

A: The space was designed with shoots in mind. Easy load in with no stairs, two 200 amp circuits, electrical outlets throughout space, 13' high open ceiling with easy rigging possibilities (& several electrical outlets in ceiling), a green room for talent holding, WI-FI & an open non commercial kitchen for craft service or food stylists to operate out of. Pallet23 also has a floor drain if your shoot involves water rigs, bathroom or kitchen sets  that need to have running water. There is a shower here ~ great for beauty care/hair care shoots!

Still photographers love the diffused, natural light & open feel to the space.

All windows have darkening (not blackout) curtains when shooters need to control light.

Regarding sound, the space is not sound proof so for shot recording sound, the occasional train, urban ambiant noises (sirens, car horns, etc) or possible outside construction work is a possibility. Unless you are shooting on film, few blown takes aren't usually a problem :). There have been many commercial shoots, interview videos & cooking videos that recorded audio projects successfully.

If you need any additional information, please click on contact page.