Welcome to your blank palette.

Pallet 23 is a beautiful 4,000 sq. ft. urban facility designed for a range of events from exquisite fundraisers and concerts to simple photo shoots or offsite meetings.

Easy on the Budget
We charge hourly, not per person, so billing is cost-effective for you and simple for us. We don’t nickel-and-dime you with extras you don’t want or need.

Unique Space
Get away from the ordinary in Cincinnati’s eclectic and hip Northside neighborhood.

Super Flexible
This is a converted warehouse space, a blank palette ready for whatever you need. We’ll only set up what you want us to – you can take charge of all or none of your event’s needs, depending on how tight your budget is.

The space can fit up to 125 seated guests or over 200 standing guests for open house/mixer type events.

Corporate Events, Parties, and Fundraisers

Parties, Fundraisers, and Corporate Events

Call Pallet 23 a Cinderella space: plain by day, elegant at night. And there’s no Midnight curfew.

  • Wedding receptions,bat & bar mitzva parties, Chef demos/classes, recipe testing, private dinner parties & food events.
  • Mixers: benefits & community outreach events, reunions,
  • Dance parties, milestone birthdays, bridal & wedding showers
  • Screenings: Art shows, movie screenings, memorial services,

Pallet23 is the 2014 winter home to “Ryan Santos’ “Please” private dinners and other food events are planned as the space evolves.

Offsite Meetings and Brainstorming

Offsite Meetings and Brainstorming

Escape the office for a day! Pallet 23 hosts corporate meetings, off-site brainstorming, parties & marketing sessions.

Photo/Video Shoots and Casting Calls

Photo/Video Shoots and Casting Calls

Pallet 23 is perfect for photo shoots, video productions & talent castings. The owner, Laura Chenault, has 15 years’ experience in commercial video production, so you’re dealing with an industry insider, a professional.

Virtual Visit

Check out our online tour, thanks to the magic of Google.

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Pallet 23

Event Space | Urban Kitchen
3932 Spring Grove Ave
Cincinnati OH 45223